Hyprex Fire Extinguisher

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  • Fast Extinguishing

    The nano particles of plants extract penetrate deep to the base of fire and extinguishing it almost instantly upon contact.

  • Rapid Cooling

    Fast heat reduction feature are able to reduce the temperature from 600°C to 50°C in the matter of seconds hence ensuring no re-combustion

  • Long Shelf life

    Our fire extinguisher has a long shelf life and does not require any maintenance. It can be stored in various place for easy access.

  • Safe for Vehicle Storage

    Our fire extinguisher is pressurized by non-flammable nitrogen gas. It is tested to be safe under extreme heat.

  • Household Usage

    Hyprex is a recommended fire extinguisher for every household as it is very efficient in combating common household fire.

  • Eco-Friendly

    The plant extract of Hyprex is non-toxic and it does not cause after- usage mess. It is extremely safe towards human.



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